Thursday, November 15, 2012

Win Free Movie Tickets in The C&G Photo Contest

Look for the camera icon in your Twitter app (indicated by
the red arrow in the screen shot above) to add a
photo to your tweet.
The Clay & Glass is holding a contest for the most popular photos taken at the Gallery.

You enter using Twitter. Here's how it works.

Use your smartphone to take a picture at the Clay & Glass. Then attach it to a tweet that contains the hashtag #clayandglassphoto. Here's how it might look:

"Check out this great photo I took at the Clay & Glass #clayandglassphoto"

To add the photo, look for the little camera icon (marked by a red arrow that has been added to the screenshot to the right). That will give you the option to take a new photo on the spot or choose one from your saved photos.

Then when you send the tweet, the photo will be attached and can be seen by anyone who wants to look.

Here's what happens next...

The gallery re-posts your photo on their FACEBOOK PAGE ( You should visit that page, 'Like' it, and then ask your friends to go there too and 'Like' your photo.

The first contest ends on January 31st, 2013. The photo tweeted during the last three months with the most 'Likes' will win the movie tickets.

Try it! It's easy. And you could be the next winner.